【15th Salute—SBK Creative 15th Anniversary Exhibition】

「Every piece of our works carves the traces of time

  To deliver the true heart of every client for 15 years

  Every piece of our works pass on great happiness

  When each recipient opens a gift

  From the joy of shouting "Wow!"

  Is the most supportive power in these 15 years

  2004 With a brave heart SBK Creative was born 

 2014 With an innovative mind SBK Creative stayed unique 

2019 With an insistent will SBK Creative exists still 

For delivering happiness, we will be there always!」


Of this exhibition is based on the gifts that SBK Creative has customized for clients over the past 15 years. By reviewing and presenting the series of works, we can see how the concept of “Micro Design, Aesthetics Life” assists corporate clients delivering corporate ideas, events meanings, and extension of the brand’s impressions.  Also, through the exhibition, we can redefine the meaning and connotation of gifts, and admire that “Design is Everywhere, Service is Meticulous”.



Notice:Please do not eat, play, run and touch the works in the exhibition

Contact Info. No.: 02-27594088#100


Time:Fri. to Tue., 10:00-18:00

Opening Tea Party:6/1(Sat.) 14:00

Location:Lounge No.133, SongShan Culture Park

SBK Web: https://sbk.com.tw

Event Web:https://pse.is/G7PSK


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