about us

The Philosophy of “SBK Creative Management”

It is vital for any person working in the creative industry to be able to identify the slightest differences and needs to then provide more thoughtful and creative designs and services for the unattended areas. At SBK Creative Management, we are devoted to “making life better”, and continuously in pursuit of the “beauty in life”, fully demonstrating the infinite value of creative people.

Corporate Position


Gift Designer: Improve corporate brand image from the smallest areas

In times where “brand value” and “brand image” are being emphasized, it is much more effective to enforce the brand image in the minds of customers by applying CIS (Company Identification System) on promotional giveaways than through advertising. At SBK, we specialize in working with assorted materials to utilize them in accordance with clients’ corporate characteristics, target audience, purpose and budget, to come up with a design that is unique to the company, and is able to reinforce the corporate brand image.


Service Provider: Provide clients with high quality commodities and services

To assist marketing personnel in the preparation of corporate gift proposals by offering a variety of gift ideas; provide extensive know-how in manufacturing giveaways in different materials, so that the final quality complements well with the corporate image; SBK provides marketing personnel with global distribution and tracking system of the gifts, to thus form a service chain from the original concept to the delivery of gifts to the recipients.


Handmade Designer: Unique, Customized, Assorted Choices in Small Batches

Provide unique and customized handcrafts with specialized metalworking skills, SBK is able to work with metals such as leather, gold, silver and copper to provide clients with custom-made accessories and decorations. Together with photos taken from all over Taiwan, the craftsmanship and visual creativity formed the most unique handcraft creation.

Core Values


Design creative corporate gifts to further enhance brand images; produce unique handcrafts to improve the quality of humanism.


Optimize the quality of the gifts by using the best combination of materials; create product value with best craftsmanship Know-how.


Provide quality manufacturing with vast experience in supplier management; delve into the handcrafts industry with years of experience and proven methodology.


  • Receive Distinction Evaluation from Taiwan Design Center in one year
  • Become the service provider to over 100 listed companies and foreign companies in Taiwan in three years (design and product marketing)
  • Become the service provider to over 500 listed companies and foreign companies in the Greater China area in five years (design and product marketing)
  • Receive one of the top three world-class Design Awards as well as become one of the Top 500 service companies, and establish a handcraft experiencing shop.


  • Contribute our creativity in discovering outstanding products and cultural assets, so that the creators can be properly recognized and rewarded
  • 0.2% of all proceeds will go to charity and education funds