CIS Design and Image Packaging

SBK Creative Management is the driving force behind quality products. With years of product marketing and channel sales experience, SBK is capable of taking up the role as the Creative Manager in helping companies in traditional industries by redesigning their CIS and rebranding their image or explore new sales channels so that old products would have new images and opportunities.

Photography and Package Design of Commodity

Conact Methods


Examples of Cooperation

Power JeWatch: Specialist in Diamond and Watch (CIS Design)

Power JeWatch is a professional secondhand diamond and watch dealer shop, and they were seeking to create a brand image that is more towards the European style: polished and elegant. SBK thus used gold lettering against black background to create the sense of quality, and used three “V” words, Value, Vision and Vogue, as the slogan which was further extended to form the W-shaped logo. In order to convey the company’s specialty in diamonds and top-grade watches through the logo design, Jewel & Watch was combined to form one word “JeWatch” and used as the company’s English name. The “C” in “JeWatch” was decorated with the image of a tourbillon, making it apparent for all to see where the company’s specialty lies. This is the second CIS design case for SBK after the successful A-Be campaign, further to the CIS design, SBK also utilized its marketing specialty to plan the sales and service campaign for Power JeWatch’s top VIP, so that the client could have various venues for voicing their products.

A-Be Spring Roll (CIS Design and Brand Packaging)

The spring roll stall located in Shi-Lin night market has been around for 25 years. Because of the reputation built up by its quality ingredients, the second generation of A-Be, also one of the co-founders of SBKt, wanted to give this local cuisine new values and further develop the brand, turning a night market business into the new afternoon tea selection for companies. SBK was responsible for the design of the logo and pamphlet, as well as deploying part-time workers in Nankang and Neihu business districts to distribute the pamphlets. As a result, over 100 companies have ordered from A-Be, and this successful campaign has also attracted the attention of several media, gaining favorable exposures.

Corner Club (Minshen and Banchiao Branches): (CIS Design, Signage and Pamphlet Production)

Designed the unified CIS for the chain store, and produced for the invitations, promotional pamphlets and signage for the opening of the new shops. Warm colors were used to bring out the vigorousness of the products and the stores.


Product Photography: SBK is equipped with professional photo studio so that quality photos can be taken for the clients, thus enhancing the attractiveness of the products.

Windows 7 Press Conference Event – Media Giveaway (Packaging)

SBK used the kind of paper that has a gloss effect, with silver lines imprinted to enhance the quality of the packaging. Chocolates from a well-known brand were wrapped inside. The whole package looks very glamorous with the final touch of a ribbon.

Note:all intellectual properties of the abovementioned company names, pictures and trademarks remain with the specific companies, usages in any forms are prohibited unless prior written consent is granted.