SBK helped A-Be spring roll to sell in Mushrooms restaurant and sold over 1,500 rolls within a month -

SBK helped the famous Shilin old stall, A-Be spring roll, to sell in Mushrooms restaurant. We made the new CIS for them and offering the afternoon tea group buying services for enterprises.  We cooperated with Mushrooms restaurant at the end of 2004, and also be chose in the set menu in their restaurants in New York New York and Miramar. Change the new selling method and path


SBK launched the "spring rhyme annual gift project", all the CNY products are in SBK! -

To considerate that it will always be busy for the office people especially before the CNY, people may not have enough time to choose and buy the CNY gifts. SBK cooperate with Revon, Shin Dongyang, Korean flavor, Microsoft, and Julia International Jewelry, to present "spring rhyme annual gift project". There are CNY Xbox console and games, beef jerky, cakes, and CNY cuisines.


SBK launched the annual dinner gift project (2) Endless gifts! -

After SBK launched the annual dinner gift project arrangement service, it was welcomed by the companies

This year, we provide this service again to offer the various gift includes Spa vouchers of the Beitou Pacific Hall, Hualien Ideal Resort, and Kenting Earl Hotel, all of them are at ultra-low prices.